Partenership with MLA associations

MLA associations capacity building program

Building on the Ministry’s strategy for improving the quality of services provided to Moroccan overseas and the structuring of MLA’s associative network abroad, the
Department has set up a program of capacity-building for associations aimed at upgrading individual, organizational and institutional capacities and strengthening their capacity to support the various MLA groups.

The objectives of this program are to:

Strengthen the capacities of associative actors in project engineering by country and in specialized groups;

Strengthen the capacities of associations on the themes and priority axes of the Ministry’s strategy;
To allow the transfer of skills and the capitalization of successful experiences

Support program to MLA associations

As part of the implementation of the government’s strategy for Moroccans living abroad, the Ministry delegate has developed an ambitious partnership program with the Moroccans overseas Associative network.

This programme focuses mainly on supporting and accompanying MLA associations initiators of projects aimed at the social promotion of MLA groups in difficult situations and strengthening young people’s attachment to their country of origin, while encouraging these associations to establish partnerships in host countries and involve territorial actors. 

Each year, the Ministry announces a partnership program with the MLA associative network, providing support and assistance to implement projects that fall within the following strategic priorities: 

School support for Moroccan children overseas in difficult situations;

Support for young MLA and people in precarious situations (elderly persons, detainees , etc.);

Cultural projects aimed at strengthening the link between MLA and the homeland;

Improving conditions for women living abroad.

The projects to be supported are selected by an eligibility committee, created within the Ministry Delegate in charge of Moroccan Living Abroad following the Prime Minister’s circular N° 7/2003 of 27 June 2003 on the partnership between the State and the Associations and comprising representatives of several departments and institutions concerned by Moroccan community abroad.

Call for projects

Solidarity development

The Moroccan Community living Abroad participates actively in the local development process through its involvement in supporting projects carried out in the regions of origin and in many cases, it has initiated these projects and ensured their implementation, in coordination with local authorities and civil society.

For several years, there has been a trend towards a sponsorship/partnership system between associations of migrants and associations at local or even regional level.

In order to encourage these local development initiatives, and within the framework of the strategy of Moroccans living abroad, the Ministry is working to:

The identification of active associations and their inclusion in the MLA associations database;
The encouragement and supervision of association’s solidarity actions;
Development of exchange spaces between associations of Moroccans overseas and local associations in Morocco;

Support for MLA social initiatives in the context of social and solidarity development in Morocco;
The facilitation and support of MLA associations and local associations working in the field of solidarity development, notably through administrative and technical support;

Encouraging the networking of MLA associations working in the field of co-development or solidarity development.


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