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Morrocans residing abroad Houses 

As part of its proximity policy to the benefit of Moroccans residing abroad during their stay in Morocco, the Ministry has established two administrative structures as a pilot experience in 2009, through the creation of “Moroccans residing abroad Houses” in Nador and Beni Mellal.

The purpose of these external services of the Ministry is to provide reception, guidance and communication with MRA during their stay in Morocco, as well as coordination with local authorities and decentralized services of different sectors to address their complaints, particularly those with administrative and legal nature.

Subsequently, a decree was promulgated on 1 December 2014, relating to the establishment and institutionalization of Moroccans residing abroad in Nador, Beni Mellal, Tiznit and Khouribga, as part of the new organizational chart of the Department, which was established by Decree No. 2.14.192 of 4 April 2014.

The main missions of these houses are as follows:

 ♦ Welcome and guide MRA, follow up their requests with the relevant regional and local administrations and institutions..

 ♦ Support and guide MRA investors at regional and local level.

 ♦ Support Moroccans residing abroad in difficult situations and coordinate with local authorities, local civil society organizations and relevant administrations to develop social activities for the benefit of MRA.

 ♦ Monitor cultural activities organized by the Ministry at regional or local level, as well as educational programmes organized for the benefit of MRA..


Contact information

Standard 1 : 212537776564

Standard 2 : 212537776588

Permanence (4.30 pm to 6.30 pm): +212 6 61 07 60 60

Fax : 212537770006

Address : Angle Rue Al Mariniyine et Rue Kssar Essouk, Hassan, Rabat