Ministerial commission in charge of MRA and Migration Affairs

The Ministerial Commission was institutionalized, under the name of the “Ministerial Commission on MRA” by virtue of Decree No. 2.13.731 of 30 September 2013, promulgated and supplemented by Decree No. 2.14.963, published on 23 February 2015, to include the migration affairs among its missions and expand its membership to other sectors.

This commission, which brings together more than 20 actors, provides a forum for consultation, debate and decision-making on issues concerning the MRA and migration affairs. This governance body meets on a regular basis, under the chairmanship of the Head of Government. Since June 2014, it has held six meetings, which, thanks to the effective involvement of all stakeholders (administrations and public institutions concerned), have produced positive results in terms of the implementation of its recommendations. Indeed, at the end of its last meeting, several recommendations were implemented.


Missions of the commission

The Ministerial Commission examines and follow up the implementation of the provisions made by the various sectors, which are likely to address the issues and affairs of Moroccans residing abroad, refugees and foreign migrants residing regularly in Morocco, in coordination with the ministerial departments and the concerned bodies inside and outside Morocco. 

Among the main missions entrusted to the commission:

-Coordinate between the various ministries, public institutions and the private sector in areas related to Moroccans residing abroad affairs;

-Ensure convergence between public policies formulated and implemented by ministries and public institutions in areas related to Moroccans residing abroad affairs, and those relating to the rights and duties of migrants, refugees and members of their families regularly residing in Morocco; 

-Study the implementation, monitoring and improvement of government policies concerning Moroccans residing abroad affairs, the facilitation of the social, educational and cultural integration of migrants, refugees and members of their families regularly residing in Morocco, and the proposal of measures to improve the performance of public services in this field; 

-Prepare comprehensive or thematic reports on Moroccans residing abroad affairs, migrants, refugees and members of their families regularly residing in Morocco, as well as propose the necessary measures to improve public performance in this area; 

-Propose measures on social protection and medical assistance for migrants, refugees and members of their families; 

-Propose measures to strengthen bilateral and multilateral cooperation mechanisms in migration-related areas; 

-Follow up the outcomes of bilateral, regional and multilateral negotiations in the field of migration.

Composition of the commission

– Minister of State for Human Rights

– Minister of Interior

– Minister of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and MRA

– Minister of Justice

– Minister of Habous and Islamic Affairs

– Minister of Economy and Finance

– Minister of Health

– Minister of National Land-use Planning, Urban Planning, Housing and Urban Policy

– Minister of National Education, Vocational Training, Higher Education and Scientific Research

– State Secretary to the Minister of National Education, Vocational Training, Higher Education and Scientific Research, In charge of Higher Education and Scientific Research

– Minister for Youth and Sports

– Minister for Labor and Professional Integration

– Minister of Tourism, Air Transportation, Handicrafts and Social Economy

– Minister of Culture and Communication

– Minister Delegate to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, African cooperation and Moroccan Expatriates, in charge of Moroccans Residing Abroad

– Minister of Equipment, Transportation, Logistics and Water

– Minister attached to the Head of Government responsible for the reform of the Administration and the Civil Service

– President of the National Council for Human Rights

– Mediator of the Kingdom

– High Commissioner for Planning

– President of the Council of the Moroccan Community Abroad

– Deputy Chairman of the Hassan II Foundation for Moroccans Residing Abroad

N.B. The Chairman of the Ministerial Commission may invite any other governmental authority or public institution concerned by the Commission’s agenda.

Commission proceeding

-Since the beginning of its operation in 2014, the Commission has held eight meetings on a regular basis;

-Thanks to the active involvement of all members of the commission, these meetings made it possible to achieve positive results in the implementation of the commission’s recommendations.




Decree MDCMRE | 18-11-2013


MDCMRE Officiel bulletin 2015


Contact information

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Permanence (4.30 pm to 6.30 pm): +212 6 61 07 60 60

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