Intervention approach

In order to achieve a better convergence of the various stakeholders effort’s in the management of the Moroccans residing abroad and migration affairs, a harmonious system of partnership at the national level and cooperation at the international level is being put in place by the Ministry.


This involves ensuring coordination and consultation with ministerial departments, public institutions concerned with MRA and migration issues and establishing operational cooperation programmes at both bilateral and multilateral levels. Indeed, given the multisectoral dimension of Moroccans residing abroad and migration affairs problematic’s and its international positioning, the Ministry has set up an appropriate system of coordination and partnership at the national and international level.

In terms of coordination and partnership, in addition to the establishment of an inter-ministerial commission chaired by the Head of Government, and composed of more than 20 ministerial departments and public institutions at the national level, several other actors are mobilized for the MRA cause , whether within a general framework involving all partners, in particular through the Technical Commission resulting from the first commission, or within a bilateral framework with each of the partners, by implementing sectoral action plans with the various departments concerned by the issue of MRA and migration.


At the international level: two forms of cooperation are adopted by the Ministry:

i) Multilateral cooperation, which occupies a key place in the Ministry’s partnership and cooperation system. This form of cooperation is becoming increasingly important in the international system, given that migration issues can only be addressed through the actions of the international community within the framework of permanent or ad-hoc international bodies.

ii) bilateral cooperation is also an important aspect of monitoring and developing partnership relations with the main partners in the North but also in the South, in the context of South-South cooperation. To this end, the Ministry has developed a cooperation framework with European countries, which host large numbers of MRA, in order to exchange and develop programmes aimed at improving the living conditions of our Moroccan nationals, defending their legitimate rights and enabling them to participate in the development of their country of origin.


All these actions are reinforced by the mobilization of available expertise and the carrying out of studies in the field, in order to be able to act in full knowledge of the facts and take the appropriate decisions.


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