National Immigrant’s Day


In accordance with the care given by His Majesty King Mohammed VI to Moroccan citizens abroad, through the adoption of a new political approach to the management of this category of the Moroccan people affair’s and problem’s, and in accordance with the Constitution of the Kingdom of 2011 (benefits resulting therefrom for Moroccan citizens and citizens residing abroad), and In full complementarity with the Government’s programme to preserve the dignity and rights of Moroccans in the world, The Ministry delegate, in coordination with the various government sectors and public institutions concerned, has put in place a strategy to meet the various requirements of Moroccans overseas, including the design and implementation of a series of programmes, such as the national support programme for MLA in summer, which includes the celebration of National MLA Day.

 In this regard, the Ministry to commemorate, on August 10 of each year, the National Day of the Moroccan Community Abroad, which has been approved by His Majesty, may God bless him since 2003.

The celebration of this day is an opportunity to communicate and recall the work that has been done and the achievements of recent years in favour of this category of citizens, but also to strengthen links with them and explore their future prospects.
Form of celebration
Between 2003 and 2014, the celebration took place at the central level in the presence of several members of the Moroccan community living abroad. Since 2015, this day has been celebrated in the different Regions and provinces of the Kingdom through the organization of exchange meetings and thematic workshops in the presence of MLA and representatives of the different concerned sectors and institutions. This is in order to give our community the opportunity to take advantage of this opportunity during their stay in Morocco and to allow them to actively participate.
The day of August 10 has been an opportunity in recent years to address several and different themes, including :

2008 – E-government for Moroccans Living Abroad

2009 – Moroccans Living Abroad associations: actors of local development in Morocco

2010 – Protect the rights of the Moroccan community living abroad in the light of the economic crisis

2011 – The new constitution and increasing performance to meet the challenges of the Moroccan community living abroad

2012 – Extension of services provided to Moroccans Living Abroad

2013 – Organization of a festive evening at the Mohammed V Theatre with the participation of MLA artists

2013 – Meeting of acknowledgement and gratitude to the first generation

2014 – Moroccan women expatriates: the path to success and future challenges

2015 – Our youth abroad: talents, challenges and prospective

2016 – E-government at the service of the Moroccan community abroad

2017 – Investments by Moroccans overseas: opportunities and challenges

2018 – What roles for Moroccan skills abroad in the development of the national economy.

2019 – The proximity policy at the service of Moroccans living abroad

2020 – For a consolidation of the contribution of Moroccans living abroad to national development projects


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