13th region MeM by CGEM

The Ministry Delegate in charge of Moroccans Residing Abroad and the CGEM inaugurate a new Region dedicated to Moroccan Entrepreneurs Overseas

In recent years, we have witnessed a significant increase in the number of companies created in Morocco under the impetus of Moroccan entrepreneurs, investors and competencies residing abroad who belong to a community of more than 5 million women and men in nearly 120 countries.

The Ministry Delegate in charge of MRA has set itself the priority of encouraging this entrepreneurial dynamic, notably through the setting up of information and guidance unit, and dedicated tools that can be consulted online as well as programmes to support business creation.

For its part, the General Confederation of Enterprises of Morocco (CGEM) through its federations, its commissions, its regions and its institutional representations, works to promote and develop companies by creating a favorable business environment.

As a representative of the private sector, the CGEM has decided to bring all these forces together in a virtual economic region, which will be the 13th region of CGEM.

The 13th Region of the CGEM will thus facilitate the integration of Moroccan businessmen overseas into the Moroccan economy by bringing their experience and know-how on the one hand, and on the other hand, by benefiting from Moroccan experience in the different fields.

In order to give concrete expression to their partnership, the CGEM and the Ministry Delegate in charge of Moroccans residing Abroad signed a framework cooperation agreement on 9 February 2017 enabling the two parties to coordinate their actions and unify their efforts, with a view to developing economic and social cooperation for Moroccan Entrepreneurs overseas in areas of common interest, and in particular the organization of specific actions in this category, the exchange of experiences, expertise and good practices, and the establishment of a dedicated digital platform www.membycgem.ma whose official launch ceremony took place on Monday 24 July in Rabat.

The ambition of this 13th Region is to:

  • Create a professional exchange platform between Moroccan entrepreneurs overseas and those from Morocco
  • Ensure and facilitate the meeting of Moroccan entrepreneurs overseas with Moroccan economic decision-makers
  • Encourage Moroccan investors residing abroad to establish themselves in the Moroccan market
  • Facilitate the development of Moroccan exporters in foreign markets through Moroccan entrepreneurs overseas
  • Contribute to Morocco’s development by enhancing its international image.
Support program
Proximity accompaniment: Within the Ministry, a unit dedicated to supporting MRA investors whose mission is to:
      • Inform and guide potential investors on the different sectors of the economy.
      • Assist project leaders during all stages of their projects, from the conception to the completion of their investment.
      • Identify the forms of partnership to be established with local actors to encourage MRA to contribute to the development of their region.
Regional support is provided by the MRA houses in Nador, Beni Mellal and Tiznit for the benefit of project leaders from these regions. Digital Platform:
        • A portal with a section dedicated to investors
        • Documentary database to offer Moroccans overseas a global view on investment and an information system for monitoring MRA investors
        • Launch of a “Moroccan Entrepreneurs overseas” interactive digital multi-language platform that will allow Moroccan entrepreneurs from around the world to have a space for meeting and networking and different services in partnership with the CGEM.
Attractive funding system: A mechanism for encouraging MRA investments “MDM invest” guaranteed by the CCG based on:
  • A proper funds’ contribution (in currency): at least 25% of the project amount
  • A State subsidy: 10% (capped at MAD5 million)
  • A bank loan (if necessary): which can reach 65%.
Sectors of activity: Industry and services related to industry, education, hotels and health. http://www.ccg.ma Strategic partnerships:: In Morocco
  • Maghrib Belgium Impulse Project [Preparatory stage]: With the Belgian Technical Cooperation the aim is to support Belgian-Moroccan project leaders to carry out productive investment projects, which contribute primarily to the development of the Moroccan economy.
  • Regional program MRA initiatives in the Eastern Region « PRIMO » [ Achieved ] This project is in partnership with SHARAKA and its objective is to strengthen links and exchanges between MRA investors and institutions while promoting investment opportunities in the Oriental region.
  • Maghrib Entrepreneurs [Achieved]:With the French Development Agency to support business creation by MRA, this project provided individual and local support to 100 project leaders through two components: information and awareness-raising in France, and support and technical assistance in Morocco.

Maghrib Belgium Impulse is a project initiated by the Ministry with the support of the Belgian development agency ENABEL, it aims to mobilize Moroccans residing in Belgium to invest and contribute to the Kingdom’s development.

This project offers project leaders:

A. Pre-creation support by entrepreneurship experts for the creation of their business in Morocco, including:

– practical training;

– coaching by entrepreneurship professionals;

– access to a hotline to ask their questions;

– networking opportunities with other experts active in Morocco.

B. Post-creation support, particularly in the sales, marketing or development of their activities. For more information, please consult the flyer below:
MDM Invest Fund

Promote investments by MRA in Morocco;
Develop the SME fabric, particularly at local and regional level.

Projects with an investment of more than 1 M Drhs
The contribution of “MDM-Invest” is available to promoters who meet the following conditions:

Moroccan residing abroad with a valid residence permit or foreign identity document or a valid consular card.
A Moroccan who has resided abroad and returned to Morocco for a maximum period of one year before the filing date of the investment project.
A MRA alone, or associated with MRA investors, Moroccans or foreigners in proportion to its share in the capital.

Financing of investment projects
New or extension projects promoted by MRA are financed in the following proportions:
Projects promoted by MRA are financed in the following proportions:

Contribution of equity capital from the MRA: at least 25% of the total amount of the investment project, in the form of a contribution in foreign currency to be paid into an account in dirhams dedicated to the project. The contribution in foreign currency from a convertible dirham account or a foreign currency account may also be taken into account under this share,
MDM Invest Fund: 10% of the amount of the MRA share in the project, in the form of a non-repayable contribution, with a ceiling of MAD5 million.
The remainder can be financed either by a bank loan or by any other cash contribution.
The MRA may request the “MDM-Invest Fund” even for investment projects without recourse to credit.

Sectors of activity
The sectors of activity eligible for this mechanism are defined as follows: industries and services related to industry, education, hotels and health.


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