Organization chart

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The Minister
The Cabinet
Morrocans living abroad House in Nador
Morrocans living abroad House in Beni Mellal
Morrocans living abroad House in Tiznit
Morrocans living abroad House in Khouribga
Directorate of Human and financial Resources and information systems
Division of Human Resources management
Division of financial affairs
Division of information system and logistic
Service of reception and guidance
Skills Development and Economic Action Division
MLA associative network development Division
Division of communication
Division of studies, sectoral coordination and planification
Division of bilateral cooperation
Divison of multilateral cooperation
Division of cultural and educative action
Division of social action
Division of Social Integration and Legal Support for Immigrants
Division of Cultural and Educational Integration
Division of upgrading and Economic Integration
Division of Partnership and Communication
Division of Research, Statistics and Evaluation
Directorate of communication and mobilization of Moroccan skills abroad
Directorate of cooperation, studies and sectoral coordination
Directorate of social, cultural, educative and legal action
Directorate of Migration Affairs
Management Control Service


Contact information

Standard : +212 (5) 3777656488

Permanence (4.30 pm to 6.30 pm): +212 6 61 07 60 60