National Immigration and Asylum Strategy


The National Strategy on Migration and Asylum is a continuation of the structuring measures initiated by Morocco since September 2013.

The National Strategy on Migration and Asylum provides new answers to the strategic challenges posed by the question of immigration.

The National Strategy on Migration and Asylum is embedded in a defined frame of reference

Vision and guiding principles

The vision is broken down into four strategic objectives

Facilitate the integration of regular immigrants
Upgrade the regulatory framework
Establish an appropriate institutional framework
Managing migratory flows with respect for human rights 

The vision is supported by 6 guiding principles and is divided into 11 main sectoral and cross-cutting action programs

Action programs

27 specific objectives and 81 actions have been defined within the framework of the 11 programs for the implementation of the national immigration and asylum strategy

Governance system

The governance system includes 3 bodies with complementary prerogatives


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