A Meeting with Moroccans living abroad medical skills network.

May 8, 2021 | News

The Delegate Minister in charge of Moroccans living abroad Mrs Nezha EL Ouafi and the Minister of Health Mr. Khalid Ait Taleb presided on Wednesday May 5th 2021, via videoconference, a meeting with medical and health professional Moroccan skills living abroad, who are affiliated to C3M Medical skills of Moroccans of the World Network, which gathers a number of specialized skills in medical and paramedical sectors.

At the beginning of this meeting, which is held further to the recommendations of the first meeting of January 12th 2021, the Minister of Health has exposed the general outline of health reform process, which is part of the implementation of the project of social protection extension, which was launched by His Majesty King Mohamed VI on April 14th 2021. It was an opportunity, thus, to inform these skills about the national endeavors to make the citizens’ health care at the heart of the Kingdom’s priorities, notably under the current situation of Covid 19 pandemic and its various repercussions on the one hand and to mobilize these skills to contribute to the implementation of this ambitious project on the other. The Minister has stressed on the different aspects of health and medical system reform, mainly enhancing foreign investments, and drawing foreign expertise and medical skills.

Meanwhile, The Delegate Minister also asserted that the Mobilization of Moroccans skills living abroad to reinforce and strengthen their contribution to the various development projects in Morocco is situated at the heart of the Ministry’s priorities, recalling the government council’s adoption of the national program of Mobilization of Moroccan skills living abroad in January 2021, which aims at reaching 10.000 mobilized skill up to 2030.

The Minister also saluted the Moroccan skills for their readiness and full desire to contribute to the realization of this vital and strategic project of social protection, on the High Royal instructions. She also invited to put their expertise and knowledge at the service of this project and to work on investing in the health sector in the regions of Morocco, notably the southern provinces.  

In this meeting, a particularly rich debate was raised, in which all the participating members of the network expressed their pride of the high royal initiative of social protection extension and its implementation road map, expressing their complete willingness to efficiently contribute to it with all possible means and ways and capitalize on the expertise and knowledge they acquired in host countries to make of the execution of this vital project a success.

At the close of the meeting, the parties agreed to prepare a tripartite partnership between the Ministry of Health, the Delegate Ministry in charge of Moroccans living abroad and the C3M medical skills network in order to institutionalize the mobilization of the mentioned skills and develop their projects which are in connection with the government strategy in health domain and put practical mechanisms which shall enable these skills to interfere through their knowledge and expertise in the processing of Health system Reform on the national and regional levels, within the framework of the application of the national program of Moroccan skills living abroad Mobilization.



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