Launch of the digital platform “Bladifqalbi”, as well as the new website of the Minister Delegate in charge of Moroccans residing abroad

Jan 26, 2021 | News, PRESS RELEASES

Press release 

The Ministry Delegate in charge of Moroccans Residing Abroad launches a digital platform called “Bladifqalbi”, as well as the new website.

The Ministry Delegate to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and Moroccans Residing Abroad, in charge of Moroccans Residing Abroad, has launched a digital platform, entitled “Bladifqalbi” on Monday, January 25, 2021.

This platform aims to strengthen communication with Moroccans expatriates and provide a space for expression, suggestions, sharing of ideas and experiences, and strengthening ties with the motherland.

The platform is intended to consolidate the links between our fellow citizens residing abroad, especially the younger generations, with their country of origin, with its culture, identity and its history, especially during this exceptional situation linked to the Covid 19 pandemic.

The platform also aims to highlight the achievements and initiatives carried out by Moroccan expatriates competencies, which have distinguished themselves in several fields in different countries around the world.

In addition, this platform makes it possible to strengthen communication with this category of Internet users, to promote the exchange and sharing of opinions and experiences on subjects that concern them, as well as  that concern our country and contribute to strengthening its influence on a regional and international level.

This platform will allow Moroccan expatriates to publish videos to present their ideas, projects and suggestions on issues that are relevant to them and their country of origin, Morocco, through a strong presence on social networks, using the hashtag #بلادي فقلبي # bladifqalbi.

The platform is available in Arabic, French, English and Spanish. It  include a video library #bladifqalbi, articles and testimonies, highlighting the achievements and initiatives of Moroccans expatriates. It include also a section allowing its visitors to exchange ideas, studies and suggestions in relation to Moroccan expatriates.

Moreover, visitors to the Bladifqalbi platform will have a weekly meeting, through which they will discover Moroccan expatriates skills in various fields.

In addition, and with the aim of strengthening its presence on social networks and in the digital environment, the Ministry Delegate has updated its official website, which is now available in three languages (Arabic, French and English) in order to meet the expectations of Moroccans residing abroad. It allows them to access adequate information, while facilitating their access to the available services, particularly in this period of the Covid-19 pandemic, which is affecting the whole world.

Among the changes made to this website, is that visitors can now contact directly the Ministry to submit requests for assistance and support or to file a complaint.

In addition, a social support system for Moroccan women expatriates in precarious situations has been set up to collect and process their requests, while accompanying, guiding and advising them on social, legal and administrative issues, in full coordination with the consular centres and the relevant national institutions.

In this sense, with the aim of improving digital communication with Moroccans residing abroad, and to give major importance to the reception, follow-up and processing of their complaints, a space exclusively dedicated to them has been created on the national complaints portal (, in cooperation with the Digital Development Agency, which is also accessible via the Ministry’s new website.

It should be noted that a multilingual, digital and unified space dedicated to Moroccans expatriates will be created, in cooperation with the aforementioned agency, in order to facilitate and accelerate remote access by our fellow citizens residing abroad to the most widely used public services and procedures, in view of the exceptional situation linked to the preventive measures decreed to limit the spread of the Covid 19 pandemic. 

This space will in this case contain various electronic links from different digital platforms set up by administrations, public institutions and local authorities that provide users with remote services.



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Contact information

Standard 1 : 212537776564

Standard 2 : 212537776588

Permanence (4.30 pm to 6.30 pm): +212 6 61 07 60 60

Fax : 212537770006

Address : Angle Rue Al Mariniyine et Rue Kssar Essouk, Hassan, Rabat