The delegate minister in Charge of Moroccans living abroad Mrs. Nezha El Ouafi, presented on Tuesday 21st, 2021, a range of draft laws to be adopted to approve international agreements at the house of representatives.

Apr 22, 2021 | News

Mrs. Nezha El Ouafi, Delegate Minister in charge of Moroccans living abroad presented a range of draft laws to be adopted to approve international agreements, on Tuesday 21st, 2021 at the house of representatives. This action comes in application of the orientations of the national strategy of the Kingdom of Morocco, which aims to boost and extend its partnerships in diplomatic, political, economic, social, and environmental sectors, at an international level, following the High commands of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, may God assist him.

It concerns 5 agreements, four (4) of which are bilateral and one (1) multilateral. These draft laws regard bilateral agreements on boosting partnerships and enhancing economic and judicial collaboration between Morocco and its partners in eastern Europe. Thus, three (3) agreements are related to reinforcing judicial cooperation between Morocco and Ukraine, whereas the fourth agreement concerns developing cooperation in sea fishing sector between Morocco and the Russian Federation, through which are defined the sailing conditions of boats holding the Russian flag in the Atlantic maritime domain, which is under Morocco’s sovereignty, including the maritime zone off the coast of Southern Provinces.

The draft law allowing the approval of the multilateral agreement is about Morocco and the UN agreement to open the United Nations Office of Counter-Terrorism and training program in Africa, signed in Rabat on October 6th, 2020.



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